lacking continuity

See: desultory
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This was Annan's poorest display of the season so far with both forwards and backs lacking continuity in their play, however, this does not take away from Cumnock's fine performance on the day.
All Stars made a poor start, lacking continuity and losing possession as the Hoopers began with pace.
"It's not been an easy season as we have a small squad and have been lacking continuity but the players have showed they have enough fight for the battle ahead."
"We're lacking continuity,'' Juventus president Jean-Claude Blanc said.
Lacking continuity in artistic direction from dancers who personally worked with Graham, the company's performances faltered, though a recent tour shows evidence that it has righted itself somewhat.
That resulted in a stop-start affair lacking continuity.
The outcome is a book with a dusting of interesting data and arguments, but generally lacking continuity or purpose.
Limited partnerships, and more recently LLCs, have been able to satisfy these requirements by lacking continuity of life and free transferability of interests.
In a collection with such a wide remit, the danger in such an approach is that the overall product is reduced to a series of unconnected sketches, lacking continuity or coherence.