lacking experience

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Albion finished bottom back then, but only three points from survival - with Tony Mowbray's class of 2008-09 being accused of lacking experience.
On this performance it is apparent that coach Andy Tither has a lot of work to do with a side that seems young and lacking experience.
The Pumas are lacking experience behind the scrum, but up front they boast some class players and one who can reward try minutes buyers is No.
6 : lacking experience or skill <He's a good reader, but is weak in math.
Vodafone's chief executive for central Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Paul Donovan, was also believed to be a contender, although he's lacking experience in football.
1 Lacking experience and only being on screen for their good looks.
Thinly capitalized, lacking experience, unable to change direction, some developers are hard-pressed to meet the demands and expectations of a more sophisticated buyer-centric market.
For companies lacking experience in these matters, it's often difficult to bid on these contracts.
Such casualties were bound to occur among animals lacking experience with predator avoidance, Torbit notes.
Who has criticised TV newsreaders as lacking experience and only being on screen for their good looks?