lacking interest

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Overall, 34% of women and 15% of men reported lacking interest in sex.
Ayr boss Ian McCall called for a rethink as fans slammed the BBC and accused them of lacking interest now Rangers are back in the top flight.
The people of Lahore city continue to suffer with polluted air while the authorities are lacking interest in redressing the menace, which is a direct threat to human health.
The opposition legislator said that ministers, advisors and other members of the treasury benches are lacking interest and have made the proceedings of the house as a joke.
Malnourished parents, poor nutrition during pregnancy, stress during pregnancy, poor education about reproductive health, poor quality of sleep, fear of obesity and lacking interest about the baby are most common reasons for the issues emerge among children.
Older people are generally expected to no longer be capable of or to be lacking interest in sex when, in reality, many require sexuality to be just as important and wish to remain sexually active as they age.
Weak teaching leads to students lacking interest in their work with some misbehaving.
Symptoms of postpartum depression include lacking interest in the baby; mood swings between sadness and irritability; fatigue and lack of energy; and withdrawal from family and other interests.
It would be difficult for the government to cope with the gap of Rs 80 billion in budget deficit after lacking interest of foreign investors in the auction of 3G licenses.
One of the interested parties in the past, the Russian national company Gazprom, is now lacking interest in the project, while it is ready to invest instantly in the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) Pipeline project.
Washington, Jan 15 ( ANI ): A continued and substantial gender gap exists between men and women, when it comes to political ambition, with women lacking interest in running for office, a new study has revealed.
I have taken part in this annual August Bank Holiday race each year since 2007, and it has grown such that, in 2010, the race was completely full with 203 runners, so in no way is this an event lacking interest and support.