lacking nothing

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The full recognition of the futility of their infatuation, from a social point of view; its purposeless beginning; its self-bounded outlook; its lack of everything to justify its existence in the eye of civilization (while lacking nothing in the eye of Nature); the one fact that it did exist, ecstasizing them to a killing joy; all this imparted to them a resignation, a dignity, which a practical and sordid expectation of winning him as a husband would have destroyed.
Some have great broad stone staircases leading down to the water, with heavy stone balustrades ornamented with statuary and fancifully adorned with creeping vines and bright-colored flowers--for all the world like a drop curtain in a theatre, and lacking nothing but long-waisted, high-heeled women and plumed gallants in silken tights coming down to go serenading in the splendid gondola in waiting.
Director of rugby Dean Richards said: "The guys fronted up physically last weekend and we are lacking nothing on that side of things, we scored three tries against a good Exeter side and we should have had a couple more.
Pale in colour but, unlike other pale ales, lacking nothing in the flavour stakes.
The author has made intensive use of the historical narrative found in the campaign histories and personal accounts of the evacuation period, but the young soldiers and their experiences are invented and slotted in to it with skill with plenty of dramatic fast-moving action, lacking nothing in depicting the horrors of war.
With Keiron Quinn controlling the midfield and Phil Clarke impeccable at full-back following his return from a month's absence through injury and suspension, Nomads successfully muzzled a spirited Welshpool side lacking nothing in effort.
Instead they gave us performance which, while lacking nothing in sheer energy and sparkle, brought refinement and subtlety to this attractive but often abused work.
Lacking nothing in terms of effort, Merthyr undoubtedly struggled to come to terms with the heavy Penydarren Park pitch.
In a near flawless study in balancing forces, the orchestra, while lacking nothing in fullness of sound, allowed Zehetmair on violin to deliver a performance of infinite subtlety.
And we look into Sun Microsystem's alternative office software, StarOffice and find it lacking nothing and certainly easy to use.
Godolphin's duo Tobougg and Rumpold have the benefit of a warm winter behind them and will lacking nothing in fitness.
Lacking nothing because the "I" has disappeared--"I am gone now I am her face"--Beloved crosses over into another living time, with an appetite.