lacking precision

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He notes that no book on the bombing war can pretend that there were not highly disturbing elements to the RAFAEs campaign, particularly since mid-twentieth-century warfare was typically ruthless, callous and grossly inefficient in its application of firepower, and in an era lacking precision targeting systems, air power in particular was a staggeringly imprecise instrument of war.
Undetected blood loss continues to be a significant risk during surgery and recovery and current approaches are either too invasive or lacking precision and early predictive capability for blood loss and intervention.
His final effort was full of energy, but lacking precision.
Sarries won 18-14 when the teams met at Twickenham on the opening day but barely deserved that victory as the Exiles were clearly rusty in the first half but dominated after the break, only lacking precision in their finishing.
The Blues look like a Calzaghe waltz - uncoordinated, shapeless and lacking precision.
Hertha missed several chances to equalise in the second half but, as in every match this season, were lacking precision.
Once WAAS is fully implemented, airports currently lacking precision approach capability can theoretically use the GPS/WAAS combination to add it.
After an energetic start, Wales shockingly finished the first half 7-0 down after lacking precision with their passes and knocking on twice when going for the touchdown.
The association has said there is a risk that the next accident involving aircraft in Norway may be caused by the lack of sufficient safety measures, with runways lacking precision instruments for the approach being one of the main risk factors, as such instruments function as a guidance system in bad weather.
After that City huffed and puffed, creating several chances, but too often lacking precision with their final pass.