lacking refinement

See: inelegant
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figure By CAROLINE NJUNG'E span xml:lang="EN-GBI know it would be bad manners if I do not explain where I have been the last couple of months, but I will risk being accused of lacking refinement and so I'll simply dive into my story this week.
AFTER three seasons in training Connaught had at various times impressed me as exasperating, brilliant, disappointing, lucky, unwilling, and game; in brief, he was an enigma and as a great big boat of a horse, lacking refinement, I couldn't count him among my favourites.
The Ford Mondeo TD, for example, has been criticised as having a noisy and clattery diesel engine, while the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 TD (left) has been labelled as lacking refinement.
Land Rover also gives Ford a stronger presence in the European and Asian SUV sectors, where the company's U.S.-designed vehicles are generally regarded as too large and lacking refinement.