lacking skill

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47 per cent indicated that customer service skills are the most lacking amongst entry-level employees within the transport and logistics sector, while 42 per cent reported supply chain management was the most lacking skill for entry level candidates.
My brother's a typical egg chaser - lacking skill but he has the raw power and pace.
An O'Gara penalty three minutes from the break was the only positive note in a first half lacking skill and cohesion.
Yet people dismiss him as too slow, lacking skill and craft and so on.
Schoolchildren appear to place a great deal of value on athletic ability, and those with a reputation for lacking skill in this area often experience sadness, isolation and social rejection.
Our team was a combination of veteran playmakers and raw youthful energy, maybe lacking skill, but no ounce of drive.
French international Djorkaeff, signed on loan until the end of the season from Kaiserslautern, was thrown into Bolton's relegation struggle and witnessed a performance from both sides lacking skill and class.
and CIO magazine) reveals that CIOs believe leadership is a critical yet lacking skill for today's information technology (IT) workforce.
Draper was pulling all the strings in midfield but in truth this was a decidedly average Villa display against a shocking Forest outfit lacking skill and bottle.
But he sent it wide, and a crowd of more than 39,000 were then consigned to witnessing a second-half dogfight lacking skill, if not commitment.
Any squad boasting the likes of David Beckham, Paul Scholes, and Joe Cole cannot be accused of lacking skill or creativity.
Nobody ever accused him of lacking skill, stamina or an appetite for the game.