lacking substance

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You could critique these remarks for lacking substance, but then again the same insult could be levelled at the man himself.
Douglas Bain dismissed the claim against MLA Jimmy Spratt and expressed concern that it had been supported unanimously by the UUP despite lacking substance.
But in recent years the program has been criticized as lacking substance.
All the plans he has seen are lacking substance, he said.
com -- which offers information and advice on a variety of topics -- is sometimes criticized for lacking substance.
Hype can often be a hindrance in sport, none more so than in racing, but those who dare accuse Peter Moody''s mare of lacking substance are simply wrong.
Australian sprinting sensation Black Caviar has enthralled the racing public and those who dare accuse Peter Moody's mare of lacking substance are simply wrong.
One may make light of such presidential debates -- even a country such as the United States has seen the Republican primaries criticized heavily for lacking substance.
However, the Commissioner who is due to assess them, Viviane Reding (justice), has already expressed her scepticism about the quality of these commitments, calling them "pretty words" lacking substance - in other words lacking concrete, quantifiable and clear objectives and ambitious deadlines.
Implicating the agencies in this murder, by a section of press have been declared as baseless and lacking substance.
At first, de Jong thought ActionCOACH was just another franchise idea lacking substance, but as he looked closer he was impressed with the ActionCOACH system and found the notable absence of any big "red flags.
Republicans at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing stridently criticized the two DHS documents for lacking substance and stating grandiose ideals without delivering specifics.