lacking warmth

See: nonchalant
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3) In turn, perceiving other social groups as lacking warmth is associated with angry and fearful emotional responses, and with attacking and excluding behaviours.
5 : lacking warmth of feeling : unfriendly <She's been cold to me ever since our disagreement.
Agreeing it was dark and gritty, and perhaps lacking warmth and soul, she added: "It was very like the Bourne movies, all the violence and frantic action.
Lacking warmth and passion is something that can never be said of the Italians, let alone their wonderful designs
Never lacking warmth, however, Shocked did not indulge in the self-indulgent navel gazing of the singer-songwriter genre.
The brass and woodwind ruined large portions of Puccini's beautiful scoring, the strings offered a dull, dry sound which was untuneful and lacking warmth.
When Faldo was dominating the European tour he was often regarded as being cold, clinical and lacking warmth towards his fellow competitors.
8 : lacking warmth or vigor <Make sure the fire is dead.