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Analyst Fahad Al-Bassam, however, pointed out that the lackluster is due to the normal summer and Ramadan lull as well as the uncertain political situation in Kuwait.
announced the closures in its earnings release Thursday, citing lackluster sales.
Even in the lackluster quarter, revenue in its Games category gained 19 percent while its Girls category surged 43 percent.
While ``Kyle XY'' has plenty of material that makes it unsuitable for younger viewers (evocations of teen sex, underage drinking, masturbation and subtextual intimations of incest and gay sex), its abysmally banal dialogue, indifferent performances and lackluster plotting make it unfit for everyone else.
An admittedly lackluster student and job hopper, she invested a borrowed $1000 at age 23 to start a tiny real estate company in New York.
When contacted 1 year after the stroke, she cited occasional, lackluster dreams--no more than one per week.
Fortunately, the L Word universe is here to breathe new life into any lackluster music collection--just in time for summer romance.
But the major markets--such as the United States, Japan, Germany and France--proved to be lackluster, showing only meager growth.
Nor does recent lackluster performance of the Colon Free Zone, the Western Hemisphere's largest free-trade zone.
Yet, curiously enough, the dancers mostly look lackluster.
Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, reported today that the worldwide mobility infrastructure market was flat sequentially in the third quarter of 2006, in part due to lackluster sales of WCDMA equipment.
But that isn't going to happen to the satisfaction of anyone except the entrenched bureaucrats and the lackluster school board members.