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The market remained lackluster since the start of the holy fasting month of Ramadan," Financial Analyst Adnan Al-Dulaimi told KUNA Wednesday.
His lackluster show of concern when Taylor undergoes surgery tips the direction of the relationship.
In 2003, a local operator brought us this off-market opportunity to purchase this site, but we passed on the deal because of a lackluster market and the dearth of available office space," added Demirdache.
I believe part of the answer as to why there's unwarranted attention for the lackluster embryonic stem-cell research (as evidenced by the media attention given Mr.
Long before the disaster at the Sago mine, Smith and her team of investigative reporters were busy shining a bright light on some of the industry's soot-covered safety and health practices and the lackluster government agency charged to oversee them.
In 1997 writer Gretchen Legler abandoned her lackluster romance and her teaching job at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, for five months in Antarctica under the auspices of the U.
With the bidding ranging from dramatic to lackluster (as audience members drifted off to the back to pour themselves more wine), some bottles went for next to nothing, others (like the Pombo) for serious money, but altogether the auction raised enough to pay the magazine's rent for the summer.
In sixth grade, Joshua Wing, now 14, was a lackluster student.
That would mean the slow death of competition, quiet price hikes and an end to all the "chaos" that makes Japan's broadband market one of the few dynamic markets in a lackluster economy.
Having sunk US$20 billion into Brazil, automakers have shiny new plants but lackluster sales.
Struggling clothing retailer Eddie Bauer will close 45 of its stores nationwide this year because of lackluster sales, but the company won't be closing any stores in Oregon, including its store at Eugene's Valley River Center.
Haddad, who have maintained the journal's commitment to discriminate "between good and bad scholarship, between a version of the truth and an ideological fiction," as the founding editors promised, and "between originality and lackluster derivativeness.