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On one wall was projected The Flattening of the Brooke's Surface, a looped film from 1972 in which van Elk himself, folded into a tiny rubber dinghy, glides in and out of a static shot of a narrow canal, hopelessly and laconically running a trowel over the ripples made by the boat's movement.
They completed another short film, Dirty Phonecalls (the story of two girls in a lingerie shop who take their own revenge on a nuisance caller) last week and it will be screened at the Birmingham International Film & Television Festival on November 19 as part of a programme laconically titled Carry on Cripples (Justin suffers from hearing loss and is registered disabled).
In a new preface to "Subcultural Conflict," Cohen writes, laconically, about what happened after its initial publication: "Unknown to me, since I remained in youth and community work and quite out of touch with developments in academic circles, the paper was taken up by a group at the Centre as the basis of an extended theoretical study of youth cultures and 'rituals of resistance'." That claim is utterly accurate and all too modestly stated, as is Cohen's regret that "the initial project of anchoring subcultural analysis to an ethnographic study of structural change impacting on local labour histories or urban geographies was not properly followed through."
It's easier, of course, to just describe it laconically according to its basic conceit: "What if Superman were evil?" Starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman and Jackson A.
The book begins with the protagonist Jodi's release from prison after having served 18 years -- more than half her life -- for a murder she later laconically thinks "had all the thrilling elements the newspapers craved: kidnapping, violence, sex." The literary lineages here are hard-boiled fiction and film noir, but on every page of her debut novel, Mesha Maren creates bold new takes on those venerable genres, a much needed refresh of worn tropes and cliches.
In the Oscar-winning film 'The Shape of Water,' the bad guy, who has his ring finger and small finger bitten off by the reptile-like aqua god, laconically makes light of his misfortune by saying something like, 'I still have my trigger finger and my f-k finger, so I'm okay.' That would be a source of comfort, indeed.
" With these words Emila Medkovaacute (1928-1985), who to an extraordinary extent participated in the formation of Czech fine arts in the second half of the 20th century, laconically characterised her work.
Writing in The Week he laconically said that if only the law had been followed things would not have got out of hand.
These ballads, though, were not the English gentry variety that Sting laconically sings about in "Fields of Gold" on his Ten Summoner's Tales album.
"Movies," Elliott's character opined laconically, "are other people's dreams."
'Many couldn't stand the pressure and left,' he says laconically, 'but those who went to court and got stay orders are still here and in no mood to leave, not for the next two years at least.'