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lad, lad--what's names to th' Joy Maker," and she gave his shoulders a quick soft pat again.
Why, we're all seamen aboard here, I should think," said the lad Dick.
You don't know his name, though," said the lad harshly.
By this the Irishman knew that she had sent the lad to wait on him.
No lad of yours, and my name's my own," retorted the other with spirit.
She was obdurate, and at last the lad appeared to acquiesce in his mother's decision that the ape must be returned to Africa and the boy to school, from which he had been absent on vacation.
Eh, my lad, he went aff to Treddles'on this forenoon, an's niver come back.
If he harbors too much about the cabin, lad, I’ll shoot the creatur’,” said the Leather-Stocking, quite simply.
The lad stood before Durbeyfield, and contemplated his length from crown to toe.
I know not," said the lad, looking around him with dazed eyes, for he was bewildered with all that he saw.
These men, who under the leadership of the tall lad were drinking in the dramshop that morning, had brought the publican some skins from the factory and for this had had drink served them.
All right,' said the lad in a cheerful voice, and ran back into the passage.