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Four hour stints in the hair salon, expensive cars and finely manicured nails are a part of everyday life for these ladies of leisure.
His charm and good looks made him an instant hit with the colony's rich, light-footed ladies of leisure.
The catalogue supposes that "the way in which Rosalie sits, holding a pillow, suggests that she may be tired, perhaps already ill," but refrains from connecting her dissolution to Sunny Crawford yon Bulow's own state, which with her remote but legendary taste still governs the acquisitions made in her name of the mostly 18th-century drawings of luxurious vacated estates and gentle, wearied ladies of leisure, studies of seashells, corn husks, and ruins.
I arrived for my treatment after work - a huge plus for this spa, which remains open until 7pm, meaning it's not just for ladies of leisure.
Williams is showing his painting, Ladies of Leisure, along with other works from the Karen Lynne Gallery.
As we happened to be ladies of leisure that day the wait wasn't a huge issue but if I'd been on my lunch hour and in a hurry I'd have had no choice but to leave hungry.

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