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1982) (stating in dictum that "when the bill of lading expressly refers to the container as one package, or when the parties fail to specify an alternative measure of the `packages' shipped, the courts have no choice but to respect their express or implied understanding and to treat the container as a single package").
The bill of lading offers no evidence that freight was paid by the exporter (if this was required).
A complete set of documents should be sent to the cargo underwriters, including a copy of the bill of lading and invoice, and evidence of the damage should be sent to the shipowners.
The extra reliability and speed of down-loading Bills of Lading from our website is a welcome service upgrade for our customers.
MyYellow Bill of Lading tool also has multi-carrier functionality which conveniently provides Yellow customers with one, central online shipping solution," said Jon Steele-Nail, Senior Director, E-Business.
The e-BOL Creator quickly generates personalized bills of lading with prepopulated data, created from customers' individual databases utilizing their past shipping history, while the new e-BOL Central provides immediate access to shipping information for superior shipment management capabilities.
When viewing the e-mail feature for bills of lading that have already been sent, a list of previous recipients is generated automatically.
Since it was launched last May, CargoSmart's Bill of Lading Document Manager has been a success with customers who have printed over 6,000 unique bills of lading and improved their documentation turnaround time.
The new enhancements will enable MyYellow customers to complete My Bill of Lading using the information stored in their online databases for their shipments with other carriers.
With NP-Connex, customers can actually begin tracking the shipment from the moment it is picked up, or before if the bill of lading and pickup were created at www.
Overnite Transportation Company has recently added enhancements to its popular electronic bill of lading (eBOL) system, providing customers with faster processing speeds and expanded features.