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Ah, no, Djor Kantos; Tara of Helium is for no laggard," and she threw him a sweet smile and passed on toward the assembling dancers with Gahan, Jed of far Gathol.
We can hardly believe that the captain really intended to carry his threat into full effect, and rather think he meant to let the laggards off for a long pull and a hearty fright.
The remains of our regiment which had been in action rapidly formed up and moved to the right; from behind it, dispersing the laggards, came two battalions of the Sixth Chasseurs in fine order.
Out upon you all, as a set of laggards and hang-backs
Claire Enders, founder of research firm Enders Analysis, said: "Time Warner have been a real laggard in stock market terms for a long time with a lot of great assets that can be plucked like a chicken.
While best-in-class performers in both industries maintain a low minor stop index, the large divergence in average and laggard pharmaceutical performers offers another opportunity for improvement.
Byline: EMC, the $15-billion vendor of IT storage solutions and software, has been somewhat of a laggard in the Indian market.
Several times through the first four episodes of BBC America's "Robin Hood," Robin (Jonas Armstrong) reminds his doltish yet loyal manservant Much (Sam Troughton) to wait for "the last man," the laggard among the Sheriff of Nottingham's troops who might stumble upon their hiding place and undo their efforts.
Southwest, which stands to benefit less from lower oil prices, is the industry laggard, down 32 percent from its all-time high in December 2000.
Coach Phil Jackson did not have his disciples practicing at the crack of dawn as a kind of penance for their laggard play the night before in a 29-point loss to the Trail Blazers.
Even Bell South, a relative laggard, had a 26 percent return on equity in 1999, compared with 13 percent as recently as 1993.
If you can follow these principles, then acceptance by the late majority and laggard adopters will be accelerated.