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But those laggardly legislators have children, and children are organizing their voices to be heard before it's too late.
On 4 October, Iraq, after signing 20-year production contracts with a host of international oil companies in 2009 to boost its laggardly output, announced it had upgraded its oil reserves from 115 billion barrels to 143.
And the rest of the world in an elsewhere limbo, for the next three hours at least when it would finally turn up, shuffling its feet like a laggardly schoolboy, in the form of the belated newspaper.
At the moment, organ transplant is mired in suspicion of government--held records and the health department's laggardly approach to its own transplant task force's recommendations for tackling structural difficulties like the shortage of intensive care bed, transplant teams and donor champions--proposals that the taskforce believed could increase the number of operations by half within five years.
5 seconds to 60 is hardly laggardly, neither is a notional 155mph top speed.
In the Kitchen is ambitious, but with its one-dimensional characterizations and laggardly pace--it's too long at 436 pages--this novel is, ultimately, hard to digest.
Two weeks ago after a laggardly start, he blazed round the Gary Player Country Club course in 133 on the weekend of the Nedbank Challenge to grab second place behind runaway victor Henrik Stenson and last week his golf in the Merrill Lynch Shootout was so phenomenal it had partner Scott Hoch, not usually one to praise anyone but himself, in raptures.
And then there are those who are still laggardly and are playing catch-up.
These gases are quite heavy and sluggish (krypton more so than argon) compared to ordinary air and would rather loaf laggardly inside their glass prisons than move about mischievously in energetic currents.
SO Manchester is to keep its shopping area open, it was announced last week, until 8pm while Liverpool lags behind with traffic wardens snooping around at that particular time to harass motorists while our laggardly council does nothing about this situation.
Confirmation of yet more scientific evidence that there should be no political or commercial impediment to UK beef being sold elsewhere in the EU highlights the laggardly position taken by the DoH which appears out of step with both the UK's and the EU's foremost independent food standards authorities,' said Mr Redpath.