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To examine the viability of two distinct factors of Originality and Laggardness, we conducted additional maximum likelihood factor analyses of both positive and negative items.
Ultimately the safety net of the West German economic system may have contributed to the East Germans' prolonged laggardness. West German firms seeking to outsource industrial assembly, for instance, did not find it profitable to settle down in East German factories, which had become as expensive as their own.
Canadian laggardness is a mixed blessing in this regard, as there are numerous reform exercises and blueprints around the world from which to draw (both inside and outside of the Westminster family).
Facility investment is gradually improving on the back of recovering domestic economy, while construction investment continued to reside in laggardness.
We blame our partners or our children - and they point the finger at us - for laggardness or disharmony in the home.
system of a key source of its extreme laggardness, namely the necessity for ratification by a supermajority of state legislatures or constitutional conventions, Ackerman's proposal nonetheless strives to preserve the basic contours of constitutional dualism.
But D'Amato bears blame for the committee's laggardness too.