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The horizontal grooves in the lagging trap and deflect water/debris, while the molded ceramic buttons grip the belt's underside for positive traction and no slippage.
He added that banks were lagging behind others because of low efficiency levels caused by high labour and service costs.
5] represent the lag coefficients (spot market lagging behind futures market or Futures market leading spot) over 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 days lags respectively; [[beta].
The book has two major sections; the first part, comprising six chapters, is about the challenges of growth in the lagging regions while the second part, having three chapters, suggests some new approaches for policy interventions to alleviate poverty.
They were able to quickly extinguish the blaze, which caused fire damage to the pipe lagging and electrics and smoke damage to the garage.
The results are mostly negative, due to the problem of lagging (or smoothing).
tells students that the focus of discussion is not to find out one or two more answers to the question as to why China is lagging behind in science development, or to determine which factors are more important than others.
The reason for lagging performance is poor fund management," says Peter Kinder, editor of The Social Investment Almanac and an SRI pioneer.
At one site in central England, records going back to 1659 show that the seasons arrived slightly later each year, lagging progressively behind the calendar by about 1.
Albany International announces a revolutionary advance in lagging technology.
By increasing lagging life, Baldor's Dodge D-LAG conveyor pulleys will extend the operating life of both the conveyor pulley and conveyor belt.
Rubber strip lagging made from premium grade rubber is designed specifically for pulley lagging.