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Lagniappe Pharmacy Services works to maximise a pharmacy's efficiency and profitability while connecting to other healthcare providers and services, yielding positive patient outcomes.
43) Thus, the noncontractual contractual value that the special committee should seek to protect becomes a matter largely influenced by judicial decisionmaking about the lagniappe that the preferred deserve in particular contests--decisionmaking untethered to any clear interpretive or valuation techniques.
The lagniappe, or something extra for the children, is a little stuffed brown pelican wearing a red stocking cap embroidered with the words "Peli Claus, Savior of Christmas.
This year's series offers an extra lagniappe for Bach fans: Jeffrey Kahane and Matthew Halls, who are both being considered as successors to Rilling when he retires, will conduct one session each.
That the war will also bolster Obama's executive power and boost the flagging popularity of Sarkozy and Cameron is only lagniappe.
In their place, Reagan appointed Anthony Kennedy, who turned out to be pro-abortion and, as lagniappe, introduced the vile practice of citing the opinions of foreign courts into the excuses for his decisions.
As lagniappe, the book is decorated with black and white animal illustrations from nineteenth- and early twentieth-century children's books, and a handful of Native American designs, some decorative, some making quiet commentary on the text.
There's a lagniappe between what is actually paid and owed and what is billed.
LAGNIAPPE Something that is given beyond what is required.
This is the "moving forward" part of the equation and the easy-on-the-pocket book Boker-Plus pricing is the lagniappe.
The Caray-Veeck act was so smooth that we assume it was handed down from the baseball gods of long ago--and just as the National Anthem is thought by baseball fans to end with the words "Play ball," Caray's version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" often ended with his lagniappe signature flourish: "Let's get some runs
Including two extra ideas beyond the 95 mentioned in the title is, to use a south Louisiana-Mississippi term, a lagniappe, a little extra gift.