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We're bringing the best technology and the best data to our customers and we're confident Lagniappe Labs will trump any market data platform currently offered in this space.
July 1, 1996, at 1; see also Chile Joins MERCOSUR, LAGNIAPPE LETTER, July 5, 1996, available in 1996 WL 8394765.
Owner Judith Taylor also runs the new Lagniappe cafe in an 1847 building next door; it serves soup and sandwiches.
The authors' conclusion concerning the additional payments (a sort of lagniappe in reverse), while not new, is convincing, and easier to work with than the older notion that it was to pay for improvements.
July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Kitchen on George has won first place in the 'Best Chef' category of Lagniappe Magazine's 2015 Nappie Awards, which annually recognizes excellence in Mobile's entertainment areas.
Tracy Ring and Brent Cryder acquired the house from Lagniappe Ventures Inc.
For most sailors, the value is in the journey--the landfall is simply lagniappe.
I wondered if they knew that Pouponne "played the lottery" with every spare "quarter" gathered from a judicious management of lagniappe.
Multinational Monitor (Washington, DC); Island Properties Report (WooWoodstock, VT); Lagniappe Letter (New York, N.
Additional culinary options include a 65-seat Starbucks; Lagniappe Exchange, a 24-hour fresh market and convenience store; Whole Hog Cafe, featuring award-winning barbecue; and Pizza Consegna, a pizza delivery-only program that will prepare and deliver savory, hand-tossed pizzas directly to hotel guests and nearby businesses.