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29) For a detailed discussion of the concepts of secularism and laicism with reference to their theoretical bases and the implications of their differences in the Turkish context see, Andrew Davison, Secularism and Revivalism in Turkey: A Hermeneutic Reconsideration (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998), 153-54, 181-88.
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It belongs to the Roman Catholic Church (although it is not under control of any Church dioceses), it has got as its mission the evangelization of laicism, owns state of the art equipment, broadcasts intercontinental programmes and it does not "broadcast content seen as against Catholic moral doctrine, for example: the use of condoms in HIV/AIDS prevention" (23).
The protection of laicism in Turkey and the turkish Constitucional Court: The example of the prohibition on the use of the islamic veil in higher education, en www.
61) In the case of Habermas, the moderate secularism of the early 19th century has been followed by the laicism of the later 19th century.
What is questionable is the definition of laicism as anti-religious, and specifically anti-Catholic, an attitude that tries to regulate the church in matters concerning its evangelizing and social mission.
TEXT 47, 64 (2000) and Andrew Davison & Taha Parla, Secularism and Laicism in Turkey, in SECULARISMS, supra note 69, at 58.
Reynold maintains that the liberal politics experienced during most of the nineteenth-century in Portugal coupled with the anti-clerical Republican regime, which had toppled the monarchy on 5 October 1910, had both plunged the country in political instability, economic hardship, and laicism.
A core question we might ask is how religious education can contribute to comprehensive citizen education in societies that understand laicism to mean respect for and safeguarding of diversities, under a series of universal shared values.
Even more curious is the essay "Secularism and Laicism in Turkey.
This policy was mainly implemented through state schools, the universal use of the Spanish language, laicism, and a number of other stimuli to dilute differences and create one homogenous nation.