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Nonprofessional, such as a lay witness who is not a recognized expert in the area that is the subject of the person's testimony. That which relates to persons or entities not clerical or ecclesiastical; a person not in ecclesiastical orders. To present the formal declarations by the parties of their respective claims and defenses in pleadings. A share of the profits of a fishing or Whaling voyage, allotted to the officers and seamen, in the nature of wages.

See: deposit, place, profane, rest

LAY, English law. That which relates to persons or things not ecclesiastical. In the United States the people are not, by law, divided, as in England, into ecclesiastical and lay. The law makes no distinction between them.

TO LAY, pleading. To state or to allege. The place from whence a jury are to be summoned, is called the venue, and the allegation in the declaration, of the place where the jury is to be summoned, is in technical language, said to lay the venue. 3 Steph. Com. 574; 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2826.

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Hands up if you have been laid low by a cold/flu/sore throat yet.
Strettle, from Warrington, spent several days in hospital last week for rehydration treatment after being laid low by a stomach virus that affected several England players and has still not totally relented.
Operating a crusher involves using strong machinery powered by plentiful energy, but even the strongest machines can be laid low by nuisance complaints.
From the economics of plague treatments and differences in class and social experience to reform movements sparked by epidemics, EPIDEMICS LAID LOW traces the battles, concepts, and theories which influenced treatment courses and who survived.
THE eighth of Rowe's mysteries of Roman Britain in AD 188 sees our pavement-maker turned gumshoe, Libertus, laid low by a mystery illness while his patron, the magistrate Marcus, is distraught by the abduction of his wife Julia and baby son.
Radio presenter Tony Horne's bid to run 10km in Africa was put on hold after he was laid low.
In the city of Gordium, Alexander was laid low by a mysterious illness.
But if just one of those giants could be laid low it might suggest that football still has room for dreamers.
My favorite story: Saati is laid low by a computer virus named Peter 4, who appears onscreen in the form of an evil clown, and Hitoshi must use all his computer programming skills to rescue her.
This is the kind of city that allows my neighbor, a photographer laid low by Lyme disease, to cover her medical expenses without an epic struggle.
Wbo world featherweight champion Scott Harrison has been forced to postpone his September title defence after being laid low by food poisoning.
The Welsh warbler- cum-Tennessee-mam has laid low since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album Cock-A-Hoop last year, but she's now recording a song with rising Brit music stars Byrne.