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He said: "I was in Scotland last September and I saw the work being done - people taken off drugs rehabilitated - and you saw just how much talent is being laid to waste by this evil.
Walsh's final report also laid to waste the mendacious mythology that George Bush had been "out of the loop" on both the Iran and contra operations; that the scandal was the work of a "rogue NSC staff", that the "diversion" is what the scandal was all about.
At Laoag City in Ilocos Norte province, farmers have started harvesting crops such as corn earlier than scheduled before these are laid to waste due to rising temperatures.
The ex-Manchester United and England midfielder (left) saw the Hornets' unbeaten start laid to waste by City's ruthless six-shooters.
Two hundred cattle perished; 1,000 acres of farmland was laid to waste; a reservoir filled with 450,000 cubic metres of water was wiped from the face of the earth; 60 homes were damaged in Burton, five miles away.
Manila Nearly a month after typhoon Washi laid to waste large areas in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan cities, many survivors are still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy that struck them.
Admitting the Joker to Arkham for the 473rd time, his plans to get him some good old electro-convulsive therapy are soon laid to waste. Joker takes over Arkham with an army of henchmen and captures commissioner Gordon.
JONATHAN Lupton laid to waste a field of Britain's finest young pros at The London Club yesterday, winning the Powerade PGA Assistants Championship by a staggering 10 shots.
It's no wonder Pertemps Bees had trouble kicking points this season' their campaign was laid to waste two-thirds of the way through when the goalposts were moved.
IN RUINS...A street in Coventry laid to waste after one of the German air-raids recalled by Dennis Field who was a teenager at the time.
It's like one of those Armageddon movies where the world has been laid to waste. The disaster zone is the size of Britain.