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BEIRUT: A gathering of Tripoli officials lambasted the central government Monday for grossly neglecting the city.
At a time when our area has been lambasted in the national media we are letting it become a mess.
Comptroller general David Walker, in an article for Newsweek, lambasted the shortsightedness of politicians and their refusal to fix an untenable situation--"Social Security is underfunded by $6 trillion in current-dollar terms.
WHEN THE media first seized on the methamphetamine scare, critics lambasted the pharmaceutical industry for its complicity in producing the illegal stimulant.
Bush lambasted excessive salaries and bonuses for corporate executives, saying that ``salaries and bonuses should be based on their success at improving their companies and bringing value to their shareholders.
Speaking yesterday at a Kremlin event attended by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Yury Luzhkov again lambasted gay and lesbian groups and also accused Western countries of facing a crisis of religious faith and corrupting children.
Among its opponents is Manila mayor Lito Atienza, who describes it as "destructive"; he lambasted the government for its failure to genuinely address poverty (LifeSiteNews.
True to his word, Fischer lambasted the Indian cabinet when he received the prize: telling his audience that the government's claim that leprosy would be eradicated by the year 2000 was completely wrong.
I would like to think that the downturn in sales was due to the Center for Science in the Public Interest's widely publicized 1998 report, Liquid Candy, which lambasted the soft-drink industry.
Dick Wolf, who has been lambasted by fats for years for refusing to have a gay or lesbian main character, saw a chance to "make a splash" by shocking the nation with Serena's "lesbianism.
the senior Democrat on the House Education and the Workforce Committee, lambasted Republicans and noted that the Bush administration, "despite pleadings from governors, university presidents, and student groups, is finalizing a shift in student aid tax policy that will cut more than $300 million in financial aid for low- and moderate-income cortege students during the 2005-2006 school year.
Education Secretary Charles Clarke lambasted Charles after it emerged the Prince believed the schools system offered pupils too much aspiration and refused to admit failures.