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He added: "What is a disgrace is when a member of the clergy uses unsavory language against President Rodrigo Duterte who only fulfills and complies with his constitutional mandate to lead the government in serving the Filipinos and protecting them from what bedevils our society." The presidential spokesperson advised Santos to pray that Duterte may run the country's affairs well "instead of lambasting him.
Lambasting federal minister for information Fawad Chaudhry, she added that he [Fawad Ch] can do politics on a dead body while his statement about deceased person is a sign of sick mentality and extreme level of senselessness.
New Delhi [India], October 18 ( ANI ): Lambasting the killing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Ravinder Gosai, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday stated that the guilty must be brought to book.
And the Tory "big beast" wasted no time making his presence felt, lambasting the Government's efforts to revive the economy as "aimless wandering".
THERE is a particularly vocal group of Arsenal fans who sit near the press box at the Emirates and spend an inordinate amount of energy lambasting us for perceived criticisms of their team.
The Aberdeen keeper, transferlisted after drunkenly lambasting his boss Jimmy Calderwood on his stag night, and Louise tied the knot at the House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.
Carter devotes many chapters of this book to lambasting Israel for constructing the security wall dividing the Palestinian population from the Israeli population.
Howley ought to check herself before lambasting an industry continually threatened by the long arms of the law and the shortsightedness of its critics.
Miller, besides lambasting pop culture, said he stood "shoulder to shoulder" with his colleagues and Moore in bemoaning "the terribly wrong direction our modern judiciary has taken us in." Specifically, Miller complained that the courts have erroneously suggested that the First Amendment calls for the separation of church and state.
When he finished he startled me back into reality by lambasting the United States!