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I've heard of angry owners lambasting others for stealing their crops, and last year I was tempted to do the same.
THE American Civil Liberties Union was absolutely right in lambasting state Sen.
This week, Leaper is busy lambasting the United Seniors Association Inc.
Jesse'' star Christina Applegate is bothered and bewildered over the heated critical lambasting her show has taken this season - some of it, she and her co-stars feel, from media members who are uninformed, or who don't even watch the NBC series.
Kuperberg said he was not concerned about the prospect of students lambasting the political system or bringing the President Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal into the discussion.
He was especially baffled by their complaints about the officiating - complaints that began before Game 1 in Salt Lake City and continued Sunday, with coach Del Harris and several players lambasting the refs.
That is why the rank and file in the MTA bus operation, particularly those represented by unions, feel that this is yet another politically driven agenda that diverts the public focus from tackling tangible problems facing the whole region into lambasting organized labor, as if it were the problem.
She enthralled the Cuban-American lobby in Florida with her speeches lambasting Fidel Castro.
After spending most of his time lambasting Clinton and his policies, Dole outlined his own economic proposal - including a 15 percent cut in federal income taxes, a $500-per-child tax credit and a halving of the capital gains tax rate from 28 percent to 14 percent - as a sound way to restore economic growth.
Imagine Perot bashing Clinton for supporting the North American Free Trade Agreement legislation (which Perot said four years ago would lead to a huge sucking sound, the sound of jobs shifting to Mexico) or lambasting Dole as a Washington insider.