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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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Subfamily Tribe Species Chaitophorinae Chaitophorini Chaitophorus leucomelas Koch Siphini Sipha maydis Passerini Calaphidinae Panaphidini Takecallis arundinariae (Essig) Takecallis taiwanus (Takahashi) Therioaphis riehmi (Bonier) Tuberculatus annulatus (Hartig) Tuberculatus querceus (Kaltenbach) Saltusaphidinae Macro siphini Saltusaphis scirpus Theobald Aphidinae Capitophorus hippophaes (Walker) Ciyptomyzus ballotae Hille Lis Lambers Dysaphis aueupariae (Buckton) Eucarazzia elegans (Ferrari) Hyadaphis foenieuli (Passerini) Illinoia sp.
Numerous colleagues have contributed to the discussion of the issues at the heart of this paper, but particular thanks are due to Karsten Lambers, Rachel Opitz, Rog Palmer, Ole Risbol and Oivind Due Trier.
Lambers was a virtual spectator in the visitors' goal.
Cotinine has low toxicity relative to nicotine (Jordanov 1990; Lambers and Clark 1996) but is a good internal dosimeter for nicotine (Benowitz 1996).
Some of the lines produced stronger magnetic anomalies than others, prompting Gorka and Karsten Lambers of the University of Konstanz in Germany to suggest that the soil beneath was compacted by people walking back and forth during prayer rituals.
Lambers 6, Uras 6, Cregg 7, Ross 7, GOW 8, Latapy 7 (Stewart 5), Milne 7, Lima 6 (Holden 5), Barr 7, Dodd 7 (Thomson 5), Craig 7.
Jack Ross then drove over before Berwick created a first chance when David Greenhill's weak 14th-minute shot was easily held by Jeroen Lambers.
FALKIRK: Lambers, Ross, Uras, Dodd, Milne, Barr, Cregg, Lima (Thomson 82), O'Donnell (Craig 47), Gow, Latapy (John Stewart 80).
FALKIRK: Lambers 6 - Ross 7, Barr 7, Milne 7 (Twoddle, 65mins, 4), Dodd 7 - Latapy 7 (J Stewart, 77mins), Cregg 6, Lima 7 (S Thomson, 71mins) Uras 7 - O'Donnell 6, *STOKES 8.
One breeder told me that Shropshires are hard lambers and need assistance as a general rule.
Lucas Lambers, Engineering Manager at Gasunie: It is important for Gasunie to have professional engineering partners with high quality standards and professional knowledge management systems.