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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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Crosstab table (survival and death numbers and percentages) and Pearson Chi-square values for birth type, sex of lamb, month of birth, year of lambing and lamb mortality are given in Table 1.
Ewes express maternal behavior soon after lambing through lamb body cleaning, low intensity bleating and acceptance of the lamb's approach near the inguinal region (Rech et al.
Overfeeding leads to large lambs which can cause problems during the lambing process and increase the likelihood of a caesarean operation being required.
Their smaller size means minimal intervention at lambing.
The flock's scanning average is 200% and the first 250 began lambing on March 3.
This highly intensive lambing is possible in part because Finnsheep have a slightly shorter reproductive cycle than most sheep--an average of 142 days or about five days shorter per cycle or 10 days (assuming two lambings) shorter in one year than other sheep would.
During the day, there is a steady procession of sheep brought to the surgery in the back of Land Rovers and pickups for help with lambing and the procession seems only to increase at night when our on-call vet deals with lambing emergencies as well as the usual year-round emergency cases in domestic pets and farm animals.
SMALL changes to lambing management could increase farm incomes by pounds 630-pounds 900 for 600-ewe flocks, experts claim.
Probably due to better nutrition for the ewes, milder autumns and winters, lighter stocking rates as well as breeding, the Johnsons are finding they are having more lambs to rear, and by the time their lambing begins in earnest in April, other farmers do not need lambs to foster.
During the lambing season UK sheep farmers lose between three and four million lambs.
Lambing season begins when the rams are allowed access to ewes in estrus.
Since I am at the surgery for much of the time, we try to organise our lambing so that the sheep lamb within a compact time frame.