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After a day without substances to abuse, Hogue became lamblike in his docility and, because he posed no imminent danger to himself or others, demanded release.
However, while I have had no difficulty in deciding not to fake my reactions, and dress up my mutton thoughts as lamblike perceptions, it is fair to note that the older we get--or, let's be gentle about it, let's say the more experienced we get--to some extent, the extent of which we ourselves may be unconscious, our ideas and opinions probably get more rigid.
In turn, the prophetic image of the Lamb of God that Blake derived from Biblical tradition supplies, with reinforcement from Christopher Smart's Jubilate Agno ("Rejoice in the Lamb"), the mystical protagonist that Ginsberg cast in the drama of "Howl" (1955-56): "Part I, a lament for the Lamb in America with instances of remarkable lamblike youths; Part II names the monster of mental consciousness [Moloch] that preys on the Lamb; Part III a litany of affirmation of the Lamb in its glory" (1994, 636).