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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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Of a jacket with ribbing in matte putty dipped lambskin, its owner humorously wrote: 'This jacket has seen plenty of accidents, including splashes of red wine.
Some of the first handbags for sale will include a Chanel Cambon large tote bag in cream lambskin leather with the iconic black CC logo.
The Masonic apron is a member's badge office and is derived from the lambskin apron worn by stonemasons.
She alleges he told her he was "clean" and used lambskin condoms, which offer less protection than latex.
Seeing Now, 2015 Tambourines, lambskin, monofilament, ribbon acrylic mirrors, digital prints on paper, s-hooks, wood, steel, 12' x 15' x 20'
Designed for decades of use, these headphones have a forged aluminum body with stainless steel components in all high strain areas, as well as heavy-duty woven cables and replaceable lambskin ear pads.
Add lambskin leather color-blocked side panels to take a sheath dress from simple to stylish.
Right now it has its full autumn/winter collection on display which provides for great gifts for that 'special man' in your life: The detailed 100 per cent burgundy lambskin leather jacket is perfect for special events and parties with a buttoned tab on the collar, front fastening and logo zipper that has two side pockets with adjustable waistband and is fully lined with an inside pocket for important valuables.
Mesh together Story 5 strand pearl triple wrap bracelet, PS119, with the triple wrap lambskin bracelet, PS59, in the same hues (House of Fraser).
Today we proved to the world that this is a people driven country," Karzai, wearing his trademark green robe and a lambskin hat, told his nation in televised remarks.
PrettyFIT uses only the highest quality materials such as lambskin along with superior craftsmanship to create a footwear range of the seasons chic must-haves.