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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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Sales of fashionable fleece, chenille jumpers, cotton shirts and outdoor wear have soared ahead of lambswool knitwear.
M&S underpants, Fawlty Towers, M&S lambswool crewnecks, early EastEnders with Den and Angie, the classic M&S prawn sandwich, One Foot In the Grave: all British made, quality products.
The firm said sales of fashionable fleece and chenille jumpers had soared ahead of traditional lambswool.
A wide selection of carefully chosen accessories are also available including stylish mirrors, lamps, pictures and touchy-feely Mongolian lambswool cushions in a variety of colours.
If you're looking for something fun and colourful the Evans Pink Stripe Scarf with 80 per cent lambswool is a bargain at pounds 12.
It contains 22 per cent angora and 78 per cent lambswool.
From top) gold- tipped cushion in fudge, pounds 30, Caress cushion, pounds 30, Snuggle cushion, pounds 20, Spindrift lambswool boucle cushion, pounds 25.
The tweed hot water bottle from Aroma Home is crafted from 100% lambswool, woven in the British Isles and is ideal for the cold nights ahead.
Handcrafted using 100% organic cotton 500 thread count sateen and American sourced lambswool.
Made from 65% acrylic, 20% lambswool, 10% stretch nylon and 5% stretch polyester.
Knitwear offers cotton-rich yarns, lambswool textures and cables.