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Malacanang's reported statement that it is keeping Secretary Abaya at the DOTC is lamentable.
It is also lamentable that Egypt has lost the esprit de corps and the unified stance that characterised the 18-day popular uprising that deposed Mubarak's regime.
Dear Editor, The slide towards the bottom of the Premier League for Aston Villa FC is lamentable but largely self-inflicted by the exit of the entire international cadre of players replaced by journeyman transfers that have largely failed or been marginalised as each and every new manager is appointed.
It is of course not directly responsible for the tragedy, but the excessive media attention to all things royal helps create the frenzied climate in which much lamentable behaviour is inevitable.
As can be seen by the lamentable "care" still being dished out to residents at the rather idyllic-sounding Forest Care Village in Borehamwood.
The lamentable quality of some engineering-related press releases never ceases to amaze.
Schumacher has struggled throughout his F1 return with Mercedes after ending three years in retirement at the start of 2010, and even admitted that the "big joy" had gone out of racing after his lamentable performance in Sunday's Turkish Grand Prix.
La Cancilleria peruana preciso que segun la informacion proporcionada a la embajada en Moscu por las autoridades rusas, el cadaver fue encontrado a raiz del deshielo de las aguas del rio Moscova, y anadio que se mantiene la colaboracion con la Policia rusa a efectos de que "se practiquen los procedimientos correspondientes a fin de esclarecer este lamentable hecho".
As much as the present days preparation for Catholic marriages is in a lamentable state, my own encounter with parish "formation" in the early sixties has probably offered me, and my bride-to-be, an even rawer deal.
I'M still reeling in shock over England's lamentable Twenty20 performance against the might of Holland.
I COULD not agree more with your correspondent Phil Harris, of Waterloo, who wrote in on Tuesday about the lamentable situation on The Strand, in Liver pool.
Mr Brown responded: "What would be lamentable is if we adopted your policy for doing absolutely nothing.