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On the basis of the aforesaid, I would point out two main causes as departing points for lamenting in connection with death:
Moreover, as in the N-Town Lazarus, the iconography of the sisters lamenting at a sepulchre creates a typological association with the laments of the three Maries in the Resurrection sequence.
Lamenting with Ariadne has a touch of theatre -a roving trumpeter -to help endear it to those who are not already committed new music enthusiasts.
The lamenting in the liturgy is therefore about the picture and image of a God who wants such sacrifices.
38] Also of a potentially political nature are the many complaintes lamenting the deaths of kings, queens, or noblemen.
In addition, the image of Cleina lamenting for her daughter, whose soul is described as "crossing the river Acheron," may evoke the myth of Demeter and Persephone, a myth emblematic of mothers lamenting their daughters' premature deaths.
At a recent keg party, student Karl Harris was already lamenting the possible end of a way of life, as his frat brothers played beer pong (when a ping pong ball lands in a cup of beer, the player must drink it).
This free-verse composition belongs with a large body of poetry lamenting the loss of a homeland or place of ancestral origin and life.
THE loss of Britannia from the back of our 50p pieces has led to much lamenting among people who get paid hand - somely to lament about these kind of things.
In such cases, those lamenting are affirming that in this specific matter they are not guilty of wrongdoing.
Alterman's poem, which concerns three mothers lamenting the deaths of their sons, is frequently referenced during Jewish memorial ceremonies.
So what is Borsook's case beyond pique, beyond finding Bionomics conferences to be "little shops of horror," beyond lamenting that technolibs prefer Edge Cities to "real" urban centers, beyond finding libertarians "psychically exhausting"?