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At page 1099 of the Sparrow decision, the same quote cited by Lamer CJC in Van der Peet in creating the test, the Sparrow Court notes that:
With respect to the positive portion of the award, which required the employer to write a reference letter, Lamer J considered whether it infringed the employer's freedom of expression under the Charter.
While Lamer insisted in Rodriguez that the Court should deal with fraught moral questions like those involved from a so-called legal perspective, he went on to demonstrate in this same case that he, like other judicial activists, has scant regard for established laws and longstanding precedents.
Lamer has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; and the Galleri Nordanstad-Skarstedt, Stockholm.
Lamer wrote the following in support of a system of military tribunals:
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This article discusses the reasons for judgment of Justice Antonio Lamer (as he then was) in Re BC Motor Vehicle Act, [1985] 2 SCR 486, which, to the surprise of many, mandated a substantive component--not just a procedural one--to the meaning of Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The education, social, economical and other infrastructure in tribal areas has been destroyed in the alien war, JI FATA lamer said.
(44) Commissioners working on the project included future Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, a man whose later reforms to Canadian criminal law were defined by his careful balancing of the "relative values of truth and justice." (45) Commissioner Lamer's understanding of trial fairness was formed in part by his work as a Quebec criminal defence lawyer during the Duplessis era.
Nick Cop top scored with 46, and there was 17 runs each from Ian Poole, James Caine and Jason Lamer.
Pneumatic control timers (Lamer P/N 488-699) were purchased new.