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The important point is that, in Lamer J's view, the constitutional limitations on the adjudicator were determined by the Court's independent assessment about what was demonstrably justifiable under s 1 of the Charter.
Granted, a bare majority of the Court disagreed with Lamer in Rodriguez.
Those people were probably more than a little surprised when the reasons of Justice Lamer (as he then was) were released.
At the same time, Lamer and his fellow commissioners said that in our adversarial trial system, "judicial impartiality also place[s] restraints upon the degree of control the judiciary can exercise over the conduct of the prosecution.
Moreover, Chief Justice Lamer referenced that in relation to Aboriginal title infringement, "the development of agriculture, forestry, mining, and hydroelectric power, the general economic development of the interior of British Columbia, protection of the environment or endangered species, the building of infrastructure and the settlement of foreign populations to support those aims, are the kinds of objectives that are consistent with this purpose .
Lamer and his Potsdam colleagues first spotted the massive cluster, dubbed 2XMM J083026+524133, when scrutinizing data from the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton telescope, which captured the cluster's signature in 2001 while imaging a distant, active galaxy.
Another rationale - less self-serving but even lamer - was voiced by Amethyst founder John McCardell, the former president of Middlebury College, who lamented that the current law is viewed by young people as "unjust and unfair and discriminatory.
Unfortunately, their adventures are even lamer than Jack and Morgan's, and their dialogue makes "Bucket's" tired platitudes sound like gems from an Oscar Wilde-guided tour.
getula (common kingsnake) Northerly Nerodia rhombifer (diamondback water snake) Northerly Virginia valeriae (smooth earth snake) Northerly Hemidactylium scutatum (four-toed salamander) Southerly Ambystoma laterale (blue-spotted salamander) Southerly Pseudacris illinoensis (Illinois chorus frog) *** Southerly Heterodon nasicus (western hognose snake) *** Southerly Thamnophis radix (plains garter snake) *** Southerly Clonophis kirtlandii (Kirtland's snake) *** Southerly * reported by Lamer et al.
Is there anything lamer than science fiction and space?
In addition, Lamer says that Moore promulgates political positions that lack nuance and insight and which are not only wrong but which are also ultimately counter-productive to the causes Moore seemingly supports.