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Calling that "the lamest response I've ever heard," Bishop Matthews said she "will start a revolution" and say, "Let's not listen to the national church because that is not good enough.
And that is precisely the problem: We are getting used to the idea that suspicionless searches of our personal belongings are no big deal--so insignificant, in fact, that the lamest justification will suffice.
The excuses for failing to back up data usually include: "It's too time-consuming," "It's difficult," and the lamest of all, "I forgot"
We've got a punk band that wears matching outfits and pretty much eschews everything punk, suspiciously credits all songwriting to a Randy Fitzsimmons, and has the lamest monikers since Keith and Strawberry Alarm Clock.
However, this is probably the sickest and lamest trick to date," said Graham Cluley, of Sophos Anti-Virus.
So, what I'm about to suggest now sounds like one of the biggest, wettest, lamest excuses ever uttered in sport: We lost our Grand Slam on the bus.
Her homemade effects and affect and her poetic deployment of the scientific and pseudoscientific (astronomy, cosmology, botany, parapsychology) refresh, particularly these days, when too many artists ape the lamest aspects of Hollywood (Spielbergian theatricalization) and MTV (ever more speedy editing).
Best of all is the dry, computer-generated voice the director has her use to announce her lamest textbook quotations, subtly mocking our whole profession.
At the same time, the ongoing low-interest-rate environment has allowed the government to maintain its wasteful pork barrel-spending, thereby propping up the lamest of Japan's lame-duck industries.
But the chief of the White House advance team disdainfully muttered, "That was the lamest horse show I've ever seen.
Who resorted to one of the lamest journalistic tricks in the book and nabbed a couple of music reporters--one a former staffer--to think aloud on air?
While it is true that President Obama inherited a difficult economic crisis, the recovery under his leadership is the lamest the nation has ever seen.