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amp; Steel Temperature (Cooling Inlet Temperature: 70 F; Heat Input: 1500 BTU/hr) This graph has a steep slope in the laminar flow range (Reynolds number 250 to 2500), revealing that a relatively small change in Reynolds number causes a more pronounced change in mold temperature.
Temperature and velocity distributions for the laminar flow type incubator were shown in Figures 4(a) and 4(b).
As the angle of attack increases, the breakpoint where laminar flow separates from turbulent flow migrates forward from the trailing edge toward the front of the wing.
Homotopy Analysis Solutions for the Asymmetric Laminar Flow in a Porous Channel with Expanding or Contracting Walls.
It can be explained that the existing of solid particles is helpful to keep the laminar flow of the CHS.
Laminar flow ratio (1) is defined by the authors to be the ratio derived by dividing the cross-sectional area (a) of the runner by the perimeter (p) of the runner cross-section.
The increased resistance will be seen down into the smaller airways until the inherent laminar flow effect from the multitude of parallel airways, takes effect.
The reality is that cold vertical laminar flow will tend to accelerate as it moves from the ceiling to the floor.
The relationship between (n') and the Herschel-Bulkley parameters can be derived by combining the laminar flow solution (Equation (2)) with the definition of (n'), Equation (10), as it is done in the case of pipe flow, giving finally:
Such reduction might be possible if the dolphin were able to maintain laminar flow as opposed to the turbulent flow that would be expected to occur at dolphin-swimming speeds.
This is important for heat protection, where you want laminar flow.
This water layer exhibits dynamic laminar flow characteristics.