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Ms Laming, accompanied by her friend Ellie Cauldwell, 22, from Bristol, said she had gone to sleep when she was awakened by the movement of the plane.
Lord Laming said: "In most cases, nothing more than a manager reading a file, or asking a basic question about whether standard practice had been followed, may have changed the course of these terrible events.
Laming mad other astronomers conjecture that the core was kicked off center because the explosion wasn't equally strong in all directions.
Mrs Laming contacted friends who lived there, but despite an extensive search, Josh was nowhere to be seen.
Ms Laming said: "No trial has been reported involving a CLA claim.
But Lord Laming warns there could be similar tragedies involving 300,000 kids from broken families needing shelter.
Laming obtained a 1st class honours degree in mechanical engineering from Nottingham University and PhD from Southampton University.
Laming is also the lead manager of the Buffalo USA Global Fund (BUFGX), which rates five stars by Morningstar, and the Buffalo Equity Fund (BUFEX), which rates four stars by Morningstar.
Racing Victoria's chief steward, Terry Bailey, refused to confirm or deny on Saturday that Laming is the trainer under investigation, but it has been widely reported that Laming, who trains in partnership with his father Bevan, is the trainer under the spotlight.
Yesterday, Lord Laming said child protection had not been given the priority it deserved, noting that 200,000 of the 11m children in England lived in homes with a known high risk of violence or abuse.
Speaking at the report's launch, Lord Laming urged everyone from ministers to the newest social worker to address these problems, saying: "I feel we've got it within our grasp to build the finest child protection service in the world.
In a review commissioned by ministers after the death of Baby P, Lord Laming criticised failings in information sharing between agencies, the poor training and support given to "overstretched" frontline staff and the red tape "hampering" social workers.