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His lamp and Ned's had small hooks on them, so they could be carried in the upper coat pocket, showing a gleam of light and leaving the hands free for use.
Again, while lighting the lamp in the kitchen, Phoebe fancied that her cousin spoke to her.
And what's more -- if I was one of them I would see a man in Jericho before I would drop my business and come to him for the rub- bing of an old tin lamp.
Miss Pross had lighted the lamp, but had put it aside in a corner, that they might enjoy the fire-light undisturbed.
Whoever was below had stopped on seeing my lamp, for all was quiet.
The lamp cast fantastic shadows on the wall and staircase.
Walk on till you come to a niche in a terrace where stands a lighted lamp.
By this time the cuadrillero had succeeded in lighting the lamp, and came in to see the man that he thought had been killed; and as Sancho caught sight of him at the door, seeing him coming in his shirt, with a cloth on his head, and a lamp in his hand, and a very forbidding countenance, he said to his master, "Senor, can it be that this is the enchanted Moor coming back to give us more castigation if there be anything still left in the ink-bottle?
The floor was seemingly inches deep, except where there were recent footsteps, in which on holding down my lamp I could see marks of hobnails where the dust was cracked.
I got up, brought the lamp, and went into a shed to look at some kegs I had seen there.
The only other object on the table was a small shaded lamp, the bright light of which fell upon the model.
On entering the house he had taken off his mask and imitation beard, then, mounting a staircase, had opened a door, and in a room lighted by a single lamp found himself face to face with a man seated behind a desk.