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Many is the time when Nicholas has lampooned Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley (which is all water off a duck's back) and poked fun at goings-on at the club.
of London) tells the story of an American satirical institution, the National Lampoon. The author uses interviews conducted after events covered in the publication and its radio, stage, and film efforts.
"It is as an unusually evenhanded entry into this rich tradition that Remember Me to God deserves to be remembered," Lambert wrote, "and as a finely wrought triumph of midcentury realism so precise in its observation that it captures perfectly the incline of streets in Harvard Square and the musty smell inside the Lampoon castle."
If Myers visited a nearby Hindu temple, paid his obeisance, expressed remorse, and assured not to lampoon Hinduism in his future movies, Hindus would not only absolve him but might also pray for his success in his future ventures if asked, Zed added.
But True Wales member Len Gibbs last night said: "If one cannot lampoon politicians for their pomposity and failure to listen to the people, then democracy in Wales is in a very sorry state."
Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: "The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Senator Obama's right-wing critics have tried to create.
The millionaire hotel heiress won the dubious honour of 'woman of the year' from the satirical Harvard Lampoon magazine, and she accepted the trophy in person with a quick speech.
A National Lampoon release and presentation, with Bay Area Independent Theaters, of a National Lampoon production.
Love grounds his study on the related premises that the "outburst" of clandestine satires produced during the Restoration was "in a real sense an outcome of the Stuart phenomenon and the particular vision of modernity that dynasty tried to impose" (15) and that "like Restoration comedy, the Restoration lampoon took several years to mature into a distinctive genre" (21).
The ABC affiliate of Princeton Borough, New Jersey, reports that an attempt to lampoon racism at Princeton University caused a controversy.
Hint: In other contexts, this word can mean "parody" or "lampoon."
Three main categories of lampoon are distinguished, based on differences in target, audience, and purpose, although common to all three is 'a characteristic tone, even a characteristic kind of viciousness, that was foreign to its Caroline and interregnum precursors' (p.