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Also, the board deliberated valuation report of land and infrastructure cost of 158 acres of land leased out to Port Qasim Authority for 30 years for setting up of coal stock yard and loading station on instructions of federal government.
According to Turkish Cypriot press reports, the land leased to Denktash is valued at 50 million pounds sterling.
The official said that a total 1198 acres land leased out in Punjab, in which 1139 acres was agricultural land and 58 was commercial, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 74 acres land leased out in which 69 was agricultural land and four acres was commercial while in Sindh 276 acres was agricultural land and six acres was commercial.
As part of the deal, Hannon Armstrong acquired more than 7,500 acres of land leased to three solar projects with a value of approximately $60 million.
Rakia has also reported a 190 per cent improvement in the total area of land leased, reaching over one million square metres in 2010 from just 353,046 square metres in 2009.
Palmdale Regional Airport uses Air Force Plant 42 runways, and passengers depart out of a terminal on land leased from the Air Force.
i] is an error term summarizing the influence of unobservables on the actual amount of land leased.
All of those activities continue on the land leased to FPL Energy affiliates by Texas landowners.
Operated by the Los Angeles airports department, the Palmdale airport has a terminal building and land leased at Air Force Plant 42.
The impressive white wind turbines, standing in neat rows on dairy cattle grazing land, take up less than two percent of the total land leased for the project.
Operated by Los Angeles' airports department, the Palmdale airport consists of a terminal building on land leased at Air Force Plant 42.
The airport's non-airline revenues primarily consist of concessions, parking, rental cars and other revenues derived from land leased to businesses, including an eighteen-hole golf course, a hotel, two restaurants and a gasoline station.