land owned

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The pest-house of San Francisco, as is naturally the case with pest-houses in all American cities, was situated on the bleakest, remotest, forlornest, cheapest space of land owned by the city.
9425 acres of land owned by Col (retd) Khandker Abdur Rashid and 1.
ISLAMABAD:The Supreme Court Wednesday directed the Sindh government to submit details of land owned by Sindh Board of Revenue while hearing a case regarding Malir Development Authority.
88 billion has been allocated for developing infrastructure for land owned by citizens and QR1.
Contract award notice: Geodetic and cadastral services for the purpose of measuring agricultural land owned by the republic of croatia in the area of the city of sisak for parts of cadastral municipalities prelocica and budaevo topolovac.
During the course of proceedings, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar asked Sikandar Mohmand counsel representing Jahangir Tareen whether land owned or leased had to be declared in the election forms.
Jerusalem/ PNN/ Jordanian MPs yesterday called on their government to stop a deal which will see Palestinian land owned by the Eastern Greek Orthodox Patriarchate being sold to an Israeli investment firm, Quds Press reported.
Figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre have revealed, for the first time, the extent of the surplus land owned by the NHS in England.
The court found that the statue, known as "Big Mountain Jesus," does not constitute a government endorsement of religion, even though it is located on land owned by the federal government.
The Gujarat government has ordered the demarcation of our land but locals are not allowing the agency to demarcate the land owned by the Sikhs.
The Yerrick Creek hydropower project's features are located entirely on private land owned by Tanacross, Inc.
On June 24, the Israeli Knesset gave its preliminary approval to the Prawer Plan, which entails the destruction of dozens of villages in Negev, displacing about 70,000 people and seizing 800,000 dunums of land owned and inhabited by the Arab Bedouins.