land owned

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The pest-house of San Francisco, as is naturally the case with pest-houses in all American cities, was situated on the bleakest, remotest, forlornest, cheapest space of land owned by the city.
The court found that the statue, known as "Big Mountain Jesus," does not constitute a government endorsement of religion, even though it is located on land owned by the federal government.
Contract notice: Winter maintenance of sidewalks located on plots of land owned by the municipality, stops, squares, alleys, parks, stairs, parking bays, pedestrian bridges and pozimowe cleaning of sidewalks, stairs, parking bays in the city of roadwork in the winter season 2015/2016.
The Gujarat government has ordered the demarcation of our land but locals are not allowing the agency to demarcate the land owned by the Sikhs.
The Yerrick Creek hydropower project's features are located entirely on private land owned by Tanacross, Inc.
On June 24, the Israeli Knesset gave its preliminary approval to the Prawer Plan, which entails the destruction of dozens of villages in Negev, displacing about 70,000 people and seizing 800,000 dunums of land owned and inhabited by the Arab Bedouins.
Aulakh said four million saplings would be planted in land owned by the forest department, 0.
In the interest of fairness, an independent inspector was called in to conduct a non-statutory public inquiry, The inspector recommended refusal of both applications (relating to the land owned by Denbighshire and the two parcels of adjacent land owned by Anwyl).
PLANS have emerged to put a wind farm on land owned by a leading member of the Conservative Party in Northumberland.
Two plots are used by sports clubs while there is also land owned by Fingal County Council used as an aircraft viewing area.
Salfit -- PNN -- Israeli army bulldozers uprooted on Thursday olive trees and destroyed farm land owned by a local farmer from the village of Dier Istiya near the northern West Bank city of Salfit.
As I stated, you cannot expect the council to use wardens or community police to protect land owned by Sutton Trust - that is their job.