land revenue

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Building (C/O Citizen Charters Office Including Extension Of Computer Centre And Other Works Of Land Revenue Office In Sector-6), Noida
Protection of Manipur People Bill, the Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Bill ( Seventh Amendment), and the Manipur Shops and Establishments ( Second Amendment) Bill was a result of a months- long mass agitation by people living in the valley districts of the north- eastern state.
He said that the transfer of inherited property is being made immediately to women after amendment in land revenue act.
Addressing the participants of the protest demonstration, the leaders said that as per the land revenue record and map of the cantonment board the land was the joint property of residents of the area.
The minister said technology provided the answer to the such lacunas where NADRA record could expose the people and the land revenue department data would assist in the record of land belonging to a church, temple or gurdwara.
The senior bureaucrat is under investigation because he was the land revenue commissioner when Salim Raj and his associates had allegedly indulged in altering land revenue records.
land revenue decreased 35% sequentially during the quarter to $144.
com)-- Board of Revenue, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa appoints Systems Limited as a Business Process Outsourcing partner for the digitization and computerization of Land Revenue Records in Kohat and Buner districts.
Cheap funding and land revenue have led to excess infrastructure and industrial capacity without adequate market discipline.
The Sikkim Disaster Management Authority, Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department, functioning under the state Government of Sikkim conducted awareness and sensitisation programme on disaster rescue for the officials and staffs stationed in the Secretariat building.
In Punjab, land revenue continued to be collected with occasional changes in either the rate structure and/or exemptions till it was abolished in 1997.
Additionally, he said, land revenue of the ministry had also increased, compared to the previous year's income.

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