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Resultantly entire family remains entangled in whirlpool of poverty and resultantly both small land owners and landless cultivators are always under increasing pressure to get out of agriculture sector altogether and move to urban areas where they mostly earn their livelihood from informal sector, thus adding to urban poverty also.
Enthusiastic adoption of rural micro-credit schemes which provide high-interest small loans to the rural poor have remained unable to enable landless poor households to purchase land and become productive and self-reliant farmers.
Lim said his 'land for the landless program', which he began when he assumed his third incumbency in 2007, will continue in Manila.
The President also said it was just unfortunate for corporations who had been renting land from the government as he would take it back and give it away to the landless.
This triggered a protest by the landless, prompting the government to suspend the exercise in 1996.
The event organised at the Peshawar Press Club to commemorate the International Day of the Landless Farmers was arranged by Pakistan Kissan Mazdoor Tehreek (PKMT), and Roots for Equity in collaboration with Asian Peasant Coalition, Pesticide Action Network, Asia Pacific and International Women's Alliance.
Luxfer Holdings plc (NYSE:LXFR) on Tuesday revealed that David Landless has been named as chair of its board of directors, effective 15 May 2019.
Hundreds of landless Muslim, Christian and Lumad farmers in Maguindanao received CLOAs on Monday as beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program.
He said the distribution is 'a testimony of their hard work and in compliance with the order of President Duterte to fast-track land acquisition and distribution to landless farmers.'
Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Dec 31 ( ANI ): Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday launched Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme for farmers and the landless in the state.
"The land lies idle while landless squatters are languishing in abject poverty, Governor Sang said on Sunday in Tinderet where Lands Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney gave some squatters title deeds.The leaders said it would not be business as usual if the land is not surrendered to residents.