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Perhaps the most noteworthy event happened during the 2016 Super Bowl, when Jeep's "Portraits" spot, shot entirely in a portrait format rather than the traditional landscape orientation, was seen by millions - signalling the beginning of the end for standard video as we know it.
The 150 cc motorcycle feature three-element headlamp design, purposefully elevated tank, disc brakes front and rear and a digital display instrument panel in landscape orientation.
They have reinvented the display, with an eight-inch touchscreen in portrait rather than landscape orientation boasting a slick sideways swipe function to delve deeper into menus.
A shallow, rubberized channel holds iPads, tablets or smartphones in either portrait or landscape orientation at a 50-degree angle to enhance visibility for users seated at a desk or a table.
Its narrow and stretched design makes its suitable for limited spaces in portrait and landscape orientation. This special stretch display can be effectively used in retail stores and QSR (quick service restaurant) menu boards.
"The main problem is, many Android apps aren't designed for large screen in landscape orientation. Load up Facebook, Twitter, or even Google Docs on a tablet like this, and instead of a smart interface tailored for a big screen, you essentially see the phone interface that's stretched wide with lots of white space on the sides or in the middle.
The pockets can be made in a portrait or landscape orientation, the tough, light weight structure is virtually unbreakable and has pre-drilled screw mounting points and the lean-out design allows practical terracing layout up the wall.
Speaking of landscape, when the iPad is in landscape orientation, the attitude and syn vis display is shown on the left side of the screen.
The format is very easy to read with notes in large print and landscape orientation.
Currently, 3M Easy-On Privacy Filters are available on, and other authorised 3M resellers for the Apple iPad (second, third and fourth generations) in portrait and landscape orientation for USD49.99 or for the Apple iPad Mini in portrait orientation for USD44.99.
Most notable is the QWERTY keyboard that slides out to the right of the display if you're holding the Rise in portrait orientation, or the bottom if the display is in landscape orientation. Sliding the keyboard out automatically signals the display to switch to landscape view, as that's how the keyboard is designed to be used.
As an example, National Geographic, intent on preserving its photography across two pages, is solely viewable in a landscape orientation and supports pinch-expand gestures to improve legibility and enhanced visibility of details.

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