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It used to be that the landscapers knew few of their fellow employees beyond a passing wave.
Sheffield is past president of the New Hampshire Landscapers Association, but he says he was talking strictly for himself.
By working with your landscaper and pest-management professional as a team, you can devise a blueprint that beautifies your environment without fostering pests.
Make sure the landscaper has adequate public liability insurance to protect your property in case of damage (all APL members must have this as a condition of membership).
The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) hopes to put an end to this lottery with the launch of its new customer charter, containing strict quality criteria with which landscapers must comply if they wish to become APL members.
Before you meet with a landscaper ensure you have an outline idea of your needs and requirements for the garden.
A professional landscaper was defined as anyone who reported their occupation as landscaper, tree worker, property manager, caretaker, professional gardener, or land or lot clearer.
3 Using the $3,000 of trade dollars, the landscaper buys $3,000 worth of radio advertising.
This consultation relates to a market town planner, architect and chief landscaper to the BIA Duchere in Lyon 9th.
Sponsored by New Holland Construction and produced by Total Landscape Care, the Landscaper of the Year program honors landscapers who exemplify the highest standards of their profession, including business acumen, quality and aesthetic excellence of their project work, marketing and equipment management expertise, attention to safety, and community involvement.
If the garden is for you to enjoy, then make a wish list for your designer or landscaper.
EXPERTS Diane Nicoll Brown, Steve Ansdell and retired landscaper Bill Sones will take part in a Gardeners' Question Time at Shadforth Village Hall, near Durham, on Friday, July 18, 7pm for 7.