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Amongst the Dutch landscapists who studied in Rome, Cornelis van Poelenburgh, though deficient in the draughtsmanship and intricate fantasy of his master Abraham Bloemaert, deserves cordial mention for his amiable comicality and massive, hilarious indecorum.
Although the canvases of landscapists such as Arthur Streeton and Tom Roberts now revel in the continent's distinctive and opulent light, the human figures are still there.
His first biographer (Vasari, as for so many) said he was the best of the landscapists in his area, which was actually a bit disapproving of this less noble theme.
These would have a great impact upon later landscapists such as Augustin Hirschvogel and Hans Lautensack of Nuremberg.
Now take a time machine forward to 1946: Dean Fausett's career as one of the foremost landscapists, portraitists, and muralists in American realism is well on its way.
Constable, Gainsborough, Turner and the Making of Landscape' unites works by the three pioneering landscapists and their 18th-century contemporaries, exploring the development of the British school through 120 works.
But landscapists would be more credible if they complained as much about the impacts of fossil fuels, including their immense contribution to climate change, as they do about wind energy.