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is a company focused on building a truly global community by working together to break down language barriers.
I cannot understand some of the messages from my daughter, but [youngsters] are interacting more with other communities, breaking the language barrier (by using common language for text or multimedia messages).
works, because they feel separated by language barriers, or cultural differences sometimes,'' said school board member Paul Krekorian.
Localization removes a potential language barrier for global suppliers and provides a level playing field for suppliers around the world.
The language barrier is one of the main reasons people come to the chamber.
Kim, a Korean who grew up in Japan, was able to forget about the language barrier at least for a while last weekend in Lake Elsinore.
With thousands of hospital requests for interpreter services routinely being routed through Quest's unique Managed Services and Replication Center, I am convinced we have taken a quantum leap towards solving America's language barrier challenge not only in hospitals, but all across business and other walks of life.
There's a language barrier, because most people in America write their e-mail in English, and most people in Asia would like to write their e-mail in their native language,'' said Yen, president and chief executive of the Simi Valley-based start-up company American Network Systems Inc.
Troops coming back from Iraq say one of the biggest problems they face is the language barrier," said Kristin Precoda, director of SRI's Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory.
She explained that the language barrier worsened the situation when the police came the night of the knife-threatening incident.
Contributed by health and other specialists from Europe, New Zealand, and the US, the 12 essays in this volume outline different approaches to overcoming language barriers in health care, their advantages and disadvantages, and issues for specific contexts or linguistic groups.
In his environmental law class, Rizzardi noted that the cultural differences between China and the United States were very evident not only because of the language barriers, but also due to restricted access to media and tools that Westerners take for granted, such as Google and Facebook.

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