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is a company focused on building a truly global community by working together to break down language barriers.
I cannot understand some of the messages from my daughter, but [youngsters] are interacting more with other communities, breaking the language barrier (by using common language for text or multimedia messages).
As the founder and leader of the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN), Bambaataa plans to mobilize its hundreds of thousands of members to join Mojofiti in the effort to help eliminate language barriers on a global scale.
DENVER -- Mojofiti[TM], a global network of people working together to break down language barriers, today announced the founders of CRONAN, Michael Cronan and Karin Hibma, have joined its board of directors.
To stay competitive, many of these smaller operations do not offer safety training and encourage corner-cutting tactics that include low job qualifications, night and weekend work to avoid inspections and flagrant violations of permit requirements--all of which result in unsafe job sites where language barriers and improper safety training compromise worker and public safety.
For nonprofits working across multilingual environments, language barriers cause unnecessary expenses, confusion, inefficiencies and wasted time internally between employees working in different countries.
Our vision is to create a world without language barriers," said Mojofiti founder, Dennis Wakabayashi.
Studies have shown that patients who face language barriers can receive fewer preventive services, have difficulty accessing care, and are less likely to follow medication directions," said Michael Burke, president of Dialog Medical.
As a bilingual speaker fluent in Spanish, Campos hopes to reach segments of the community that might be underserved because of language barriers.
develops innovative technology solutions to help people overcome language barriers and communicate more effectively.
pdf), published in April 2006, "the cost of translation and its effect on the European economy is of paramount importance in the respect that, besides the direct cost of translation, language barriers can hinder the exploitation of new opportunities.
Many patients suffer cultural and language barriers that can lead to adverse, and sometimes fatal, health consequences," said Robert K.

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