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At the beginning of John 11, we learn that Lazarus is ill ("languens," John 11:1).
11: 'languens in quadam infirmitate que dicitur le Agu pre cuius angustia cecidit in frenesim et extraxit cultellum suum et percussit se ipsum in pectore ita quod in crastino inde obiit.'
In Britannia Languens: Or, a Discourse of Trade (1689), William Petyt analyzes the incompatibility of contemporary absolute monarchies, "where .
Deathbed surrenders are a type of out-of-court land transfer in which it is recorded the landholder was languens in extremis, or languishing near death, but not all out-of-court transfers occurred at the deathbed.(17) This form of transfer allowed the tenant to retain control of the land right up to the time of imminent death, and then transfer it to whoever he or she wished: relative, non-relative, or the executor of the will.