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Humid and languid we lie prone in pools, Slurping cold drinks as the ice cream drools, Bring the autumn on; Brittle the leaf, once greened and flush, Strident voices reduced to a hush, Bring the autumn on; Sweated, we turn under sheets cloying, Exhausted the hedgerows once overjoying, Bring the autumn on; Bring fresh breezes and berries bright red, Bring purple thistles with crowns on their head, Bring the autumn on!
He was also critical of actor Harrison Ford, who played Han Solo, calling him a "languid young man."
In a letter written by the late actor during the filming of the 1977 movie Star Wars: A New Hope, he branded Ford, then aged 35 and playing the role of Han Solo, a "rangy, languid man".
Continuing Sundance Channel's very European approach to drama, "The Red Road" grinds along slowly, a mere six-episode series with the same languid pace as the network's earlier foray, "Rectify." In this later case, the format doesn't entirely work, although it does create enough tension--thanks in large part to the scary, visually imposing presence of "Game of Thrones" alum Jason Momoa--to pull the audience along through this "Road's" modest twists and turns.
Memories of Terrence Malick's classic Badlands are inevitable as you watch this languid Texan drama.
You want fast, try Cherokee, you want languid, take I Have Dreamed with gorgeous arco bass melody.
Album opener "Great Round Burn" is a fast-paced, urgent and orchestral track and the album's closer "Marche Slav" is languid and haunting.
Having spent her late teens hopping trains across North America and drifting from band to band she's finally found her own voice in these languid, swoonsome songs.
They mate on air, languid aviators for scintillating seconds: A frantic (and morbid) copulation on wings of prayers.
The MP also condemned the government's "languid" performance in defending Lebanon and called for adopting immediate measures to protect Lebanese civilians on borders and to file a complaint before the International Security Council, to condemn violations against national sovereignty.
He was a tall, effortless, almost languid midfielder who was more of a darting dancer than a footballer possessing outrageous skills who could also score the most sublime of goals.
And while it might be a bit too languid and bogged down in baseball stats and tactics at times, you can't take your eyes off his character who starts to win, despite the odds.