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These normally languid and timid herbivores transform into bullying bruisers as they fight it out among the cowslips.
Her moving Wild Mountainside was exceptional, continuing the languid mood previously established by McIntosh Ross.
There isn't much release, just a languid move in perpetual twilight toward an unsteady conclusion.
It can range from a vigorous, highly athletic, and sexualized articulation of the hips to a subtle 'hip swirl' where the feet shuffle and the hips whirl in a languid figure eight.
I'm just kidding - the languid Jamaican is going to have to be dragged out of the dressing room this morning.
If the streets were to become filled with rotting corpses then no doubt hilarious disparagers like Mick Davies (Voice of the North, May 8) should they survive, would be, no doubt, the first to condemn the authorities for languid inaction and blundering incompetence.
Inspired by lounge pop, epic movie themes, and psychedelia, Kurstin creates a lush backdrop for George, a languid vocalist who can deliver a hilarious ode to David Lee Roth ("Diamond Dave") or croon the tenderest love song (the Carpenters-like "Baby") with equal skill.
Apparently, God works in languid ways; what's more, many other things have surely happened during this twenty-year period that could have incurred his wrath.
Sceptics will suggest he had the run of the race that day - there was only a languid pace and several fancied runners underperformed - but few could question it represented a huge stride in the right direction.
confluence of two rivers, one languid, one all hurtling
Alec said: "I was impressed with the sharks' languid approach and the patterns and swirls that formed as the fish took unhurried evasive action.