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MPs have criticised Jacob Rees-Mogg for "lounging languidly" along the front bench during a historic Brexit debate.
FOX affiliate Q13 broadcast video from the Tuesday night speech that showed a more orange-toned Trump with his tongue hanging out languidly from his mouth after making a statement.
And if it languidly takes its time, it also generously rewards one's patience.
Passengers can then marvel at the skyline of the city that is steeped in tradition yet ultra-modern while sailing languidly in the turquoise waters of the calm Arabian Sea.
He would stretch languidly out on your knee to be stroked then, without warning, sink his teeth deep into the sensitive tissue of your thigh before strolling outside to catch an adult rabbit or two.
Negotiations on the future of Kumtor mine between the government and Centerra are almost frozen -the parties languidly extended the First Longstop Date under the Strategic Agreement for Environmental Protection and Investment Promotion of September 11, 2017 for the third time.
Death of an Honest Man is the unabridged audiobook rendition of a novel in the bestselling Hamish Macbeth mystery series, featuring a mentally sharp yet languidly unambitious Scottish police sergeant.
Broken, cheap furniture and a wooden log are left in the street like strange tokens; men submerge their bodies in the sand; a woman wears coins on her eyes; a girl stretches languidly over a staircase.
Taking it into the box, Alberto then languidly drags the ball past two more defenders before confidently dispatching the ball into the corner.
Finally, "Kino" raises far more narrative questions than it answers before sinking almost languidly into a surrealistic pool of self-questioning that also appears to offer an answer only to pull it away at the last moment.
Climb aboard and, although the seating position is slightly more relaxed and upright than other Monsters, the view is the same - wide bars, good mirrors (unless like me you're ridiculously tall), and a neat digital dash with the information and warning lights draped languidly across the top like a bijou Italian Christmas tree.
The seats are sumptuous, the infotainment is top class and you can even wave a hand languidly at the iDrive if you are too tired to turn a dial.