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001 ), as well as other measures used to assess construct validity except for the Body Shape Questionnaire, the Pennebaker Inventory of Limbic Languidness, and the Liking People Scale.
The symptoms of bacterial meningitis include languidness, fever and an inability to move one's neck in a certain direction.
The symptoms of bacterial meningitis includes a sense of languidness, fever and inability to move one's neck in a certain direction.
Ornateness, languidness, verbosity, circuitousness--these do more than steal the show; they ruin it.
These animals presented severe ocular lesions such as: conjunctivitis, eyelid inflammation, purulent secretion, total destruction of the ocular globe, blindness, languidness and death resulted in some of the animals.
All shared the same liquid light, bougainvillea-draped streets, abundant tavernas, mangy cats and inviting languidness.
The symptoms on the checklist are not apparently psychological in nature and were extracted from the Cohen-Hoberman Inventory of Physical Symptoms (Cohen & Hoberman, 1983) and the Pennebaker Inventory of Limbic Languidness (Pennebaker, 1982).
Spero's seeming languidness should be understood as a reaction to the "laborious" mode of the community, a refusal to engage himself to the extent that that mode is a stumbling block in his quest for the artistic freedom that he seeks.
Drawing attention to Menard's--really, Cervantes'--"exceptional phrase" regarding "dolorous and humid Echo" by comparing it with Shakespeare's blunder is to draw attention to its obvious defects, two of which, in addition to the one already hinted at in regard to the line from Shakespeare, are its decadent languidness and vapidity.
At long last, its famously ineffective chief minister crawled out of his renowned languidness and visited the blighted area for some time.