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Margaret was born in Mitchum, Surrey, England; a daughter of Arthur and Frederica (Wassmer) Languish. Her father was an Underwriting Member of Lloyd's.
Uzbeki Oybek Jabbarov, who has languished in Guantanamo for the past seven years, is one of two men that Ireland will take in when the controversial camp is finally closed.
Jones charges that the group has let the quilt "languish" in Atlanta, where it was moved in 2001 from its original home in San Francisco.
By letting the Gulf region languish, Bush is allowing a window of opportunity to dose.
Although Greene's vignettes originate from a place of pain, the author does not languish there long.
In Orjan Andersson's Come Out, four girls leap and languish, ephemeral as youth in fast, unison movement driven by Steve Reich's unstoppable beat.
Thousands and thousands of bills languish in committees, yet a bill ordered by the WTO was pushed to the front of the line."
Although this disc languished in the nooks and crannies of my listening room, I would implore you not to let it languish on the shelf of your local multimediamegamall.
"We need to develop the technology to overcome these hurdles," says Watanabe, "but it will take a global consensus from regulators, OEMs, and technical groups like SAE to move this technology forward." Without it, he suggests, the impetus to use C[O.sub.2] as a refrigerant will languish.--CAS
"I'll do what I think is right - if that is good enough, only time will tell." While Leeds languish in mid-table, this time last year they were flying high and remained unbeaten until early November.
Until recently, Catholic and Jewish organizations got most of the public funding in New York City to place needy children, leaving black Protestant children to languish in foster care or in prison-like group homes and reform schools.
Instead, the social worker might help her apply for disability benefits or send her to a mental health program rather than force Rhoden to languish in work readiness programs.